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blueberry-oatmeal-protein-smoothie-article8 Protein-Packed Smoothies You’ll Love
Instead of filling up on empty carbs, tempt your taste buds and serve up one of these lip-smacking, body-building protein smoothies that pack a powerful punch.


enhanced-26946-1392654274-1823 Pineapple-Themed Products You Need In Your Life Right Now
Besides being a tough-on-the-outside, sweet-on-the-inside treat in fruit salads and tropical drinks (hello, piña coladas!?), pineapples are popping up everywhere. From slip-on sneaks to swoon-worthy décor, here are 23 ways to enjoy the whimsical motif trend:


enhanced-26946-1392654274-1811 Luxe Sweatshirts Under $70
It’s official: This classic gym staple has made its way to the catwalk. From chic embellishments and prints to playful textures, here are 11 budget-friendly sweatshirts worth fetching.


enhanced-23155-1392323674-112 Ways to Look Stylish In Sweatpants
Step out and rock one of these voguish versions of the casual pull-on pant—all under $50.



15 Slide Sandal Alternatives For Those Who Hate Birkenstocks
If you’re jumping ship on the Birk-bandwagon, here are 15 alternatives for those who aren’t about the revival of the ’60s cork-filled sandal.



Gardening Activities for Kids
Whether you’re a city dweller or a suburbanite, there are lots of fun and easy activities to help get your darling’s green thumb in gear for spring—even if that means getting good and dirty. Here are six super-cute activities to help foster your little gardener’s love of nature.


tie-dye-craft-easter-photolist7 Kid-Friendly Easter Crafts Perfect for Playdates
From tie-dyed Easter eggs to toilet roll “peeps”, these seven kid-friendly crafts are sure to keep your honey-bunny and his pint-sized pals entertained.


marbled-easter-eggs-full10 Kid-Friendly Easter Activities
It’s time to turn this favorite springtime holiday into a hopping good time, mamas! From modge-podging tissue paper on Easter eggs to decorating your house with adorable bunny garland, What To Expect rounded up these easy-peasy activities to do with your critters.


DIY-Valentines-Day-Crafts-05-pg-fullDIY Kid-Friendly Hearts and Crafts
Valentine’s Day is the holiday that little Cupids look forward to—they get to pass out their oh-so-sweet valentines to their pint-sized pals and have an excuse to be hopped up on sweets. Make the most of this “be mine” day and get your sweetheart in the love-dovey spirit with these smooch-worthy craft ideas.


magnet-turkey-craft-phlist8 Turkey Crafts Kids Can Make
Turkey day is all about gobbling up great grub, reconnecting with family and friends, and counting your blessings. Take a cue from some of What To Expect‘s favorite crafty mom bloggers and boost the fun (and tap into your tiny turkey’s creative side) on this famous holiday with these kid-friendly turkey craft ideas.


DIY-Holiday-Crafts-toddlers-09-pg-fullDIY Kid-Friendly Holiday Crafts
Whether your sweetie is dashing through the snow or rockin’ around the Christmas tree, this season is all about spreading holiday cheer! While you’re busy wrapping presents and decorating the house for Kris Kringle, here’s some fun DIY crafts that will keep your little artists merry for hours.


introducing-your-pet-to-your-newborn-RM-articlePreparing Your Pet for Baby
Even the calmest, cuddliest dog or cat may act jealous once a (human) baby arrives on his turf. Here are 9 ways to prevent future rivalry between your furry friend and your newborn.


1930s-stroller-photolistThe Evolution of the Stroller
They’re on almost every baby registry and a must-have for new parents, but strollers haven’t always been a safe or even practical way to tow your sweetie. Read on to see just how much strollers have evolved.


breast-feeding-br-ad-610x400Students Create Public Breastfeeding Ad That Tells It Like It Often Is
We all know that mother’s milk is nature’s perfect food and that, for mothers able to do so, nursing your baby is one of the most rewarding responsibilities. But if you’re a mom who nurses, chances are you’ve been here. Here, two students are taking a stand to help nursing moms soldier on.


why-you-see-newborns-wrapped-same-swaddle-blanketThe Story Behind That Iconic Hospital Swaddle Blanket
If your social media feeds are flooding with images of your friends’ newborn babes, then you’ve seen it: that iconic flannel swaddle blanket that’s detailed with thick blue and skinny pink stripes. But that hospital freebie is more than just a blanket, there’s actually an interesting story behind this piece of fabric.


upsee-harness-for-special-needs-kidsMom Invents Hands-Free Harness to Help Disabled Kids Walk
It started out as just an idea for one mama. Her son has cerebral palsy and is wheelchair-bound, but always wanted him to experience the joys of exploring, walking and standing. Feeling the strain from hunching over and holding his arms as he walked, she was inspired to invent this device.


report-cost-raising-child-tops-245000Report: Cost of Raising a Child Tops $245,000
Welcoming a little one into the world is a beautiful experience—but it is one that comes with a hefty price tag. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has found that the average cost for a middle-income family with a child born in 2013, can expect to spend about $245,340 raising a child until he reaches the age of 18.


baby-eyebrows-laurafaraway-600x600New Trend Alert: #BabyEyebrows
There’s a hot hashtag trend on social media that’s creating giggles for some, but raising some, ahem, eyebrows for others.”#BabyEyebrows” consists of pictures of babies who have drawn-on eyebrows to help give their sweeties some pretty crazy expressions. Yes, you read that right: Eyebrows.


kids-to-follow-on-instagram13 Trendy Kids You Should Be Following on Instagram
It goes without saying that these tiny trendsetter know how to work the camera. Between their stylish street swag that mimics those featured in The Satorialist and their photogenic poses, these mini fashion mavens are taking over Instagram by storm.