From the time I was a little girl, my parents allowed me to express my individuality and creativity through the arts—from designing my own one-of-a-kind clothes to painting on mixed media. I’ve always beat to my own drum and see the gray in between the black and white. It’s my artistic passion, natural curiosity and adventurous spirit that has shaped my career.

Fast-forward a B.A. degree in digital journalism and art & design from Columbia College in Chicago and years of immersing myself in the industry later, and that desire and passion hasn’t dwindled for a moment.

I’ve always had a knack for storytelling, and not just by using my words as an art form and investigating my interests. While at Columbia, I fostered my love for all the arts—from still photography and fashion design to video editing and graphic design. After graduating, I had this itch for a new, ambitious life experience, so I packed up a moving truck and made my way to the concrete jungle: New York City. Seven years later and I still call the Big Apple my home.

I’m a creative hybrid. My mindset is that of a leader, creative problem solver and forward-thinker all rolled into one. I’m fueled by connected thinking and thrive when it comes to challenging boundaries and the power of digital redefining a connected world. I understand craft across art direction and writing, and have the creative chops to write a script or give design and video feedback. Whether it’s a branded content series or influencer-led campaign, I’m driven to make each and every piece of content move the needle.