I understand the different between fluff (let’s be real, even fluff goes viral) and the kind of content that’s destined to catch on and move the needle. I know how to take direction but also lead and develop compelling ideas that translate into successful campaigns, social content and design executions. Much of my success can be attributed to my understanding of consumers and brand narratives: Where their minds are at, what they’re paying attention to and what will draw an emotional connection with them. When it comes to execution, I’d rather go at it with a team than alone; I have a knack for fostering collaboration as I concept, write, review and edit for the digital sphere.

Take a peer into my storytelling world.

30 Seconds to Shine: Auditions
Once a year, dancers from all over the world flock to Radio City Music Hall with the hopes of landing a coveted spot in the Christmas Spectacular: Male and female ensemble, the role of  “Clara” and of course, to be Rockettes. Most of these talented performers have grown up with the tradition of seeing the Christmas Spectacular during the holidays; and it’s often their lifelong dream and goal to perform on the Great Stage. In this 4-part series, we give our fans an insider’s look into what takes place before, during and after auditions—focusing on hopefuls that have traveled from all over the country and world for this one moment to shine.

One Rockette Line. 36 Individuals.
When you think of the “Radio City Rockettes,” you likely think of one unified line of 36 women dancing in perfect precision. Although they may look the same when they perform, each of the women in the line bring their own unique personality and qualities to the group. Click on the link above to get an exclusive peek at just some of the women who form our spectacular squad.

Make It Unforgettable
The “Make It” series features creatives and entrepreneurs from the Squarespace community who embody the entrepreneurial spirit and personify the values of New York. Thirty years ago, Julie Branam drove two days from Iowa to New York City to chase her dreams. From dancing as a Rockette on the Radio City Music Hall stage to becoming Director and Choreographer of the Christmas Spectacular, her experience at Radio City has been unforgettable.


Accessories of the Christmas Spectacular
The glitz and glamour of the Rockettes costumes are more than just their costumes—the legendary dancers shine from head to tow with handmade headpieces, classic rhinestone earrings and whimsical custom wigs. In this branded 3-part series, we’re giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the incredible details and making of the accessories seen onstage in the Christmas Spectacular.

Rockettes NYC Holiday Musts
With the Radio City Rockettes being an integral part of the New York City holiday experience, they know where to find off-the-beaten-path dining digs for a taste of the holidays and cozy spots where you can hunker down and relish the serene sense of seasonal magic. They are the guides to Christmas and all things New York. Delta is the official airline of the Christmas Spectacular and New York’s largest carrier, and champions similar passions and pursuits that are meaningful to those who live in and visit this energetic city. In this 3-part digital storytelling series, Delta and MSG curated unique stories and narratives from Rockettes who shared their NYC “holiday musts” with their loved ones each season.


Making Of The New York Spectacular
People know and admire the Radio City Rockettes, but primarily associate them with the Christmas season. By increasing reach, engagement and relevancy among target audiences through differentiating digital content via social channels, we showcased how the New York Spectacular was a magical, transformative and mesmerizing family experience for all to enjoy. In this 4-part branded series, we took our audience on a magical and mesmerizing journey through the creation and development of the New York Spectacular—from the auditions and rehearsals to the costumes and set designs.